Domain name information

Difference between a registrant and a registrar?

A registrar is a company who can register the domain for you, they will have a TAG and offer domain registration services, also called a Tag holder.

A registrant is the customer of the registrar - and individual or company who wishes to buy a domain name, thus they would use a registrar to buy the domain name they want.

What is a DRS?

Dispute Resolution Service or DRS is operated by Nominet UK. They aid any .uk domain disputes for example if someone else had registered a trademarked domain name - this is an alternative to taking someone to court and in most cases it is a quick way of dealing with such problems.

What is the WHOIS?

WHOIS is a service people use to find out if the domain name they want is still available. Using the WHOIS also gives information on individuals or companies that have registered a domain name and provides information such as when the domain is due to be renewed and where the domain is hosted - called registrant information.







Domain Registry information & FAQ

Domain names are now big business.. some facts on domains in 2008..

Did you know that 14 Million Domain Names were registered in 2008 from January to March alone!

Did you also know that the new total number of domains worldwide is a whopping 162 Million?!